WITTENSTEIN – cynapse Monitor

cynapse Monitor collects all features provided by cynapse and visualizes them on a dashboard. The service uses cyclic and acyclic sensor data, histograms and histories as well as events triggered by cynapse. By visualizing all cynapse features, operators gain deep insights into the operating behavior of the drive axles of their machines, allowing critical operating conditions to be detected earlier and cynapse thresholds to be set precisely.

Digital Nameplate
All relevant information for specifically identifying your components will be provided by cynapse. The digital nameplate contains the following values Serial Number | Manufacturing Date | Ordering Code | Manufacturer | Software Version | Hardware Version | I4.0 Asset-ID | AssetIdShort | Material Number and more. The request of the digital nameplate is issued via IO-Link. Thereby, it is possible to integrate hardware and software information of cynapse gearboxes into higher infrastructure components, forming the basis for modern industrial asset management. Changes in the overall system can be tracked and traced.

cynapse Monitor visualizes all telemetry data provided by cynapse in shape of cyclic and acyclic sensor data. Thereby, you obtain deep insights into the behavior of your machine drive in real-time.