Standard & Customized Solutions

In close co-operation with our customers, we design and construct enclosures for any need and any line of business. We offer completely customized solutions designed for your requirements as well as a standard programme of stainless enclosures quickly fitted to meet most demands.

Due to our competent staff members at all levels, operating sophisticated equipment, we can meet the wishes and requirements of our customers in a quick and efficient way. Our production is fully documented, extremely versatile and convertible. Besides fast delivery, this also means complete uniformity when reordering. We produce electrical enclosure solutions for individual needs in terms of material, design, colour and degree of protection. We also solve mechanical and electro-technical questions and provide a product completely ready for installation. This means that products delivered by us, will need no extra processing such as holes or cut outs etc. Our strong focus on continuous development and access to customized solutions are decisive parameters which makes CUBIC an ideal partner for any business looking for futureproof and adaptable solutions.

Standard stainless enclosure products

CUBIC offers the widest and most versatile programme of stainless and painted standard solutions in the market. All our products are characterized by professional workmanship and internal dimensions beyond the market standards.

CUBIC’s standard programme of stainless enclosure products covers various application possibilities. In addition, it allows for quick delivery to the customers, as all enclosures within the standard programme are stock products, which can meet the demands of the end-user with none or very few adjustments.

The standard programme contains junction boxes, mounting enclosures, control panels, floor cabinets & control desks, and in addition a selection of accessories. 

Customized enclosures

Needs and wishes can be very different one solution to another. We specialize in delivering customized solutions whenever the purpose, shape, size, material and application a bit out of the ordinary. This means that you can have your own unique enclosure solution designed entirely according to your specifications and demands. We produce individual solutions in terms of material, design, colour and degree of protection. We also solve mechanical and electro-technical questions and supply a product completely ready for installation with products that needs no additional processing such as holes, cut-outs etc.