SELMOstudio implements the SELMO standard. It is a modelling tool, PLC and HMI generator in one. With the Modeler function, you can create sequences (state machines) and digitally document your machine system. This requires a change in thinking from transition-based sequence programming to discrete state modelling. This initial effort pays off quickly. The integrated generator creates the sequence-logic software and the user interface automatically. With SELMO, you can process and display every possible bit pattern of a state machine.

SELMOstudio comes in three versions: Express, Standard and Professional.

SELMOstudio Express

Digitize your small process on the machine with the express version of SELMOstudio. Generate your functionally reliable PLC code for individual sequences from this process model.

SELMOstudio Standard

Use the standard version to model medium to large processes on your machine and generate complete, functionally reliable PLC code. With the Cross-Sequence feature, which is included in the standard version, mapping of complex processes is possible. With the Assembly Layer, you can continue to use your previously developed PLC code in the form of function blocks or assemble your machine from self-defined units with just a few clicks.

SELMOstudio Professional

Use all features of the standard version and the HMI generator to generate a complete visualization that runs under Windows, with which you can quickly make your process on the machine visible and diagnosable.

NOTE: The generated PLC-Code will need the additional package "SELMO Core PLC Library" within your ctrlX PLC Engineering environment.

NOTE: The generated HMI runs on every windows machine with installed classic .NET Framework.