IndraSize – drive sizing

The IndraSize dimensioning software makes it easier for Bosch Rexroth to ensure the optimal dimensioning of drive control units, motors and gears. The user-friendly interface takes only a few minutes to enter the data of all common drive mechanisms, e.g. for:

Ball screw drive
Gear rack drive▪
Tooth belt drive▪
Linear direct drive▪
Rotary drive▪
Roller system mechanism▪
Cross cutter mechanism▪
Winder mechanism▪
Roll feed▪

Standard motion sequences (rotary or linear) can be freely configured by means of the specification of the kinematics data and the selection of the motion law. If the motion sequence is not known exactly, dimensioning can be determined by means of the relative duty cycle. Cam disks can be imported from IndraWorks Engineering for very complex movement sequences. In addition, IndraSize offers the possibility of describing the movement profiles of typical applications in a very simple form using parameter input. In this way, optimum drive solutions can be configured for different applications, e.g. for:

Flying cutoff▪
Roll feed▪
Cross cutters▪

The direct input or import of torque, force or power load also allows for the integration of data from measurements or from own calculations. If the DC power for multiple drives is provided by a central supply, this can be easily configured while taking into account the chronological sequences at the individual axes. For quick drive selection, there is also the easy way to display characteristic curves of the motor-controller combinations directly or to make a preliminary selection via torque and speed specifications. The IndraSize sizing software and thermal monitoring in the controller software are based on the same algorithms. This enables safe operation at all operating points.