The right information at the right time: ctrlX HMI enables machine manufacturers to implement the highest degree of freedom, user experience and intuitive operator guidance.

The range includes mobile terminals and stationary units, such as web panels, mobile manual operator panels, Panel PCs and displays with up to 24" screen diagonals. Anti-reflective and chemically hardened front glass makes displays and user panels fit for use in harsh everyday production environments. The user-oriented design with the innovative 16:9 multi-touch display ensures optimal operability.

As an entry-level solution, ctrlX HMI offers a mobile manual operator panel that enables the use of a wide variety of 10" consumer tablets in industrial environments. Furthermore, the web panels offer a cost-efficient solution for simple applications. A wide variety of HMI apps can be used to implement a wide range of visualization requirements. For some apps, HMI configuration does not require any programming knowledge (drag & drop). For high-end applications, our Panel PCs as well as the stationary displays in various protection categories in combination with our IPC range offer the optimal solution. In addition to scalability, the range impresses with a uniform modern design as well as universal and web-based engineering software.

By using HTML5, high quality visualizations can be created, which automatically adapt to different display sizes. Third-party provider tools can be used additionally, which communicate via standard interfaces such as OPC UA.

ctrlX HMI covers all applications reliably – from the simplest process controls through to demanding and dynamic simulations. Due to the simplicity and openness of the system, the HMI solution can be optimally adapted to user needs and is thus universally suitable for all applications.

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