ctrlX CORE X3 drive-integrated control

Less hardware, maximum performance

ctrlX DRIVEplus contains an integrated ctrlX CORE and distinguishes itself by a particularly compact design. It offers, for example, up to 40 drive axes incl. control on one meter control cabinet space.

With optional ctrlX CORE, ctrlX DRIVE has sufficient computing power for demanding control tasks. The Linux-based operating system is open for the integration of all ctrlX CORE runtime and engineering apps from the ctrlX WORKS software kit of components as well as other customer-specific apps. The integrated ctrlX Data Layer manages the communication between the apps in real-time and non-real-time. The drives, I/O modules and other participants form the open EtherCAT ecosystem are connected and controlled via the integrated EtherCAT master. By means of ctrlX CORE inside, machines can be connected to the ctrlX Device Portal for remote update and maintenance.