ctrlX AUTOMATION – 3D Viewer

The 3D Viewer app is a web-based 3D kinematics simulation for the ctrlX CORE. It enables 3D visualization of machine and robot kinematics, including motion, tool paths, etc. The models required for this contain the descriptions of the axis relationships of a kinematic system as well as the required 3D geometries in STL format. The axis values for the control of models are provided by the ctrlX CORE on the data layer. The combination of a ctrlX CORE virtual with the 3D Viewer app enables creation of digital twins of machines and systems, e.g. for virtual commissioning or for programming and validation purposes.
Use of the app requires one or more licenses.

Easy-to-use, web-based 3D kinematics simulation and visualization
3D visualization of machine motion and tool paths
Suitable for touch operation and integration into user interfaces (iframe)
Model library for the management of various kinematic models
Offline mode for motion simulation without connection to the control system
Online mode for motion simulation based on real axis positions from the ctrlX Data Layer
Full functionality for setting up digital twins in combination with the ctrlX COREvirtual