WebVisu opens up the possibility of displaying graphical user interfaces

If the CODESYS WebVisu is implemented in the ctrlX PLC app runtime environment of ctrlX CORE, the device can display graphical user interfaces on connected HTML5-capable web browsers.

Integrated in ctrlX PLC Engineering, the development of an IEC 61131-3 logic application and classic or object-oriented visualization development are possible with one and the same development environment.

With CODESYS WebVisu, the control unit has an integrated web server that provides image and variable data in a data network. This data can be displayed on any HTML5-capable display device with a standard web browser.

Project planning with the editor integrated in ctrlX PLC Engineering: The web server supports all visual elements of ctrlX PLC Engineering on a controller with a ctrlX PLC app.

Visualization management via:

Specifications of the display on the target device (update rate, pixel width, pixel height)
Consistent modification of all interfaces via CODESYS visualization styles
Action management by assigning hot keys or mouse events
Definition of user groups for the graphical user interface