CODESYS – Softmotion

SoftMotion extends the functional scope of ctrlX PLC for motion control

Processing of CNC motion, robot motion or other motion tasks in the ctrlX CORE PLC, implemented as an IEC 61131-3 PLC application. Two license options are available.

CODESYS SoftMotion Basic enables the control of single-axis and synchronized multi-axis motion (electronic cams, electronic gearboxes).

Project planning of the motion with PLCopen Motion Function Blocks
Implementation of electronic gearboxes and cams
Planning motion profiles with cam plate editor
CODESYS SoftMotion CNC+Robotics enables control of CNC machines and industrial robots. Due to export regulations, interpolation is limited to 4-axis kinematics.

Integrated motion planning: with 3D CNC editor in accordance with DIN 66025 (G-code) and table editor with position values for robots in various coordinate systems
CNC motion with modifications by the end user (e.g. in metal and woodworking machines)
Robot systems including SCARA, tripod and palletizing robots as in assembly and loading automation