Sophisticated process control systems and technologies like edge computing require performance reserves. Bosch Rexroth provides these while also offering great flexibility and scalability by means of ctrlX IPC – also for high-end applications. Thanks to low power loss, the hardware design needs neither a cooling concept nor fans, thus facilitating a long and fault-free operating time.

The possibilities for implementation are just as individual as the requirements of users. Thanks to numerous options for extension and interfaces, solutions can be customized for any requirements. The IPC range can also access the functions of the ctrlX WORKS software and engineering toolbox. This enables easy, app-based engineering. The performance-graduated PR box PCs are available in conjunction with the 12-to-24-inch DR / DE multitouch displays (positioned at intervals of up to 100 meters) or combined as VR panel PCs. Standard components or open-source software of third parties offer additional flexibility and freedom.

Numerous interfaces are available for communication. ctrlX IPC forms the ideal interface between the field level and the cloud and ensures reliable and secure transmission of large quantities of data. With ctrlX IPC companies have the tools they need to, for example, handle the increasing volume of data in the context of Industry 4.0 with reliable edge computing. Data processing is decentralized at the edge with high-performance industrial PCs before transmission to the control system, the cloud, etc. ctrlX IPC makes use of the new possibilities for monitoring and optimization of processes and conditions by edge computing.

ctrlX IPC PR2 compact