VFD AC Drives - VLT HVAC Drive FC 102

Energy Saving AC Drives VFD , VSD Danfoss Drives for Refrigeraton Compressor, Chiller, Blower, Pump, Fan

The VLT® HVAC Drive series is available in a wide power range designed for all HVAC applications. An advanced drive built on HVAC dedication.
The VLT® HVAC Drive is a full-featured, HVAC dedicated drive with built-in intelligence. The VLT® HVAC Drive has a vast number of functions developed to meet the diverse needs of the HVAC business. It is the perfect match for pumps, fans and compressors in modern buildings that are fitted with increasingly sophisticated solutions.

Key Features :
– All built-in Low Investment
– Save Energy – Less operation cost
– Unequalled robutness – maximum uptime
– User Friendly
– Built-in DC coils and RFI Filters – no EMC Concerns

Applications :
– Blower
– Chiller
– Fan
– Pump
– Refrigeration Compressor


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