Redundant I/O Modules

Our Bulletin 1715 Redundant I/O modules provide true redundant I/O support for critical process applications in standard and extreme operating environments. With exceptional ease-of-use, premier diagnostics, and flexible configuration, these modules support fault tolerant capabilities without requiring additional hardware or software.

1715 Redundant I/O-I/O Modules |  Overview


  • Offer flexible, modular construction for user-configurable I/O applications
  • Provide I/O redundancy for system requiring high availability
  • Suitable for simplex and duplex connections and for fault tolerant applications
  • Require no additional hardware or programming software
  • Allow module removal and replacement online with no interruption of the signal inputs

1715 Analog Input Modules

  • Offer 4…20 mA input
  • 16-channel connection capability
  • Independent, galvanically isolated input channels
  • Built-in diagnostic testing

1715 Analog Output Modules

  • Offer 4…20 mA output
  • Support as many as eight field devices
  • Provide secure communication between modules for fault tolerant operation
  • Include two-terminal current regulating device

1715 Digital Input Modules

  • Offer 24V DC input
  • 16-channel connection capability
  • Independent, galvanically isolated input channels
  • Built-in diagnostic testing
  • Provide input voltage data for line monitoring and field fault detection

1715 Digital Output Modules

  • Offer 24V DC output
  • Eight isolated output channels per module
  • Offer fail-safe design and operation
  • Provide duplex series output switches with overload protection for each channel
  • Provide voltage and current monitoring on each channel with reverse current protection
  • Support short circuit and open circuit line fault detection
  • Allow dual redundant field power feed capabilities without requiring external diodes

Product Selection

Catalog Number Description
1715-A2A2-slot adapter base unit 
1715-A3IO3-slot I/O base unit 
1715-AENTREtherNet/IP Adapter 
1715-C2Expansion cable – 2 m 
1715-IB16D16-point digital input module 
1715-IF1616-point analog input module 
1715-N2S1715 Short Slot Filler 
1715-OB8DE8-point digital output module 
1715-OF8I8-point isolated analog output module 
1715-TADIB16DTermination Assembly – digital input duplex 
1715-TADIF16Termination Assembly – analog input duplex 
1715-TADOB8DETermination Assembly – digital output duplex 
1715-TADOF8Termination Assembly – analog output duplex 
1715-TASIB16DTermination Assembly – digital input simplex 
1715-TASIF16Termination Assembly – analog input simplex 
1715-TASOB8DETermination Assembly – digital output simplex 
1715-TASOF8Termination Assembly – analog output simplex 
1715-N2TSingle Slot Filler (Long Version)

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