Motor Filters

The steep switching flanks of modern converters in combination with long motor lines very often leads to transient overvoltages on the motor terminals. The use of a motor filter on the converter output reduces these and reduces leakage currents in the motor cables.

FILTER HMF01.1A-N0K2-D0045-A-500-NNNN

FILTER HMF01.1A-N0K2-D0073-A-500-NNNN

FILTER HMF01.1A-N0K2-D0095-A-500-NNNN

FILTER HMF01.1A-N0K2-D0145-A-500-NNNN

FILTER HMF01.1N-N0K2-M0012-A-500-NNNN

FILTER HMF01.1N-N0K2-M0028-A-500-NNNN