Motor Chokes

A low-loss and dynamic operation of the motor-inverter requires fast switching at the output stage. When operating motors for which the default values of this rate of voltage rise dU / dt are insufficient, motor throttles are used to restrict them. Furthermore, motor throttles are required as symmetrical elements for parallel inverters at the motor outlet. If the universal inverters are used as DC/DC converters, they balance the outputs for one pole of the DC output voltage.

CHOKE HML05.1F-D200U-C0269-N-690-NNNN

CHOKE HML05.1F-D200U-N0269-N-690-NNNN

CHOKE HML05.1W-D006U-N1002-N-500-NNNN

CHOKE HML05.1W-D007U-N0771-N-500-NNNN

CHOKE HML05.1W-D009U-N0490-N-500-NNNN

CHOKE HML05.1W-D052U-N0147-N-690-NNNN

CHOKE HML05.1W-D009U-N0616-N-500-NNNN

CHOKE HML05.1W-D013U-N0581-N-690-NNNN

CHOKE HML05.1W-D014U-N0392-N-500-NNNN

CHOKE HML05.1W-D018U-N0306-N-500-NNNN

CHOKE HML05.1W-D020U-N0374-N-690-NNNN

CHOKE HML05.1W-D021U-N0254-N-500-NNNN

CHOKE HML05.1W-D027U-N0284-N-690-NNNN

CHOKE HML05.1W-D034U-N0227-N-690-NNNN

CHOKE HML05.1W-D043U-N0177-N-690-NNNN