Micro810 Programmable Logic Controller Systems

With a nano-sized footprint, our Bulletin 2080 Micro810® programmable logic controllers (PLC) function as smart relays with high-current relay outputs, but with the programming capabilities of micro-PLCs. These controllers support 12 I/O points with 4 high current relay outputs (8A) for smart relay applications. 

Micro810 Controllers |  Overview


  • Offers 12-point controllers
  • Includes 8 A outputs, which replace the need for external relays
  • Supports program download through USB programming port (adapter required)
  • Allows you to monitor and modify application data using optional 1.5-in.local LCD
  • Allows you to configure and operate smart relay function blocks without programming (LCD required)

   Typical applications include:

  • Lighting control
  • Heating and cooling
  • Compressor control
  • Elevator control

Product Selection

Catalog Number Description


8-120/240V AC Input, 4-Relay Output Controller


8-12V DC Input, 4-Relay Output Controller


8-24V DC/V AC Input, 4-24V DC Source Output Controller


8-24V DC/V AC Input, 4-Relay Output Controller


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