The converters in the IndraDrive C series generate a DC bus voltage from the supply voltage and convert it into a controlled AC output voltage of variable amplitude and frequency for operating a servo motor. The compact design includes additional mains connection components and is therefore particularly suited for single-axis applications.
The converters in the IndraDrive Cs series also come with an integrated control unit.
Multi-axis applications are the domain of the modular drive system IndraDrive M. One power supply device provides the necessary DC-bus voltage for all connected inverters. The overall power of a central power supply can be lower than the sum of installed inverter power, since not all axes are operated simultaneously with rated power or an energy exchange occurs between motors and generator-driven drives. In addition, components such as electrical or kinetic energy storage devices or brake choppers and brake resistors, can be integrated in the DC-bus.

HCS01 Single-Axis drive