IndraControl XM4

The XM42 high-performance controller from Bosch Rexroth is a functional all-rounder for various PLC, motion and CNC applications. Thanks to local connection of the IP 20 I/O system S20 modules, enables flexible control extension for high-performance process connectivity. The options for integration are further extended by additional on-board interfaces.

CONTROL XM4203.21-21-31-63-301-NN-NNNN-ILC*NNNNN

CONTROL XM4203.21-21-31-63-301-NN-NNNN-MLCBNNNNN

CONTROL XM4203.21-21-31-63-301-NN-NNNN-MTXANNNNN

CONTROL XM4203.21-21-31-63-301-NN-NNNN-MTXSNNNNN