Electrical components

One of our key focuses is adding value to our Partners’ businesses. With our range of electrical components, we provide added value through safety, increased competitiveness and easy mounting. As with everything we do, our range of electrical components is thoroughly tested in the Modular System. 

CUBIC offers five types of electrical components:

  • Multi instrument
  • Current transformers
  • Earthing and Short-Circuiting Devices
  • Surge arresters
  • Arc Fault protection – DEHNshort

These electrical components are carefully selected to fit perfectly with the Modular System.

Current transformers

Current transformers are used in electronic equipment for switchboard monitoring and to measure the current passing through the core.

Split core current transformers

The transformers available by CUBIC are unique split core current transformers. They fit perfectly on the S2000 busbars, and can easily be mounted on the rails, even after the switchboard is fully assembled. Due to the split core the entire installation is simplified which increases the competitiveness, as it is not required to interrupt the busbar connection. At the same time, the easy installation of the current transformer provides optimum protection and flexibility. In addition, the compact size ensures that the current transformer can be used even in places where space is limited.

Range from 150A to 2000A current transformers

CUBIC offers a range of transformers from 150A to 2000A. To guarantee the high-quality and thoroughly tested products we always provide, all types are tested in the Modular System by independent test laboratories.

Multi Instrument 400V.

The multi-instrument provides easy mounting on both DIN rails and doors. The instrument has a detachable display with several display options for optimal monitoring such as: W, Var, PF, phase sequence, VLL, VLN, A, kWh and kVArh.

DehnShort - Arc Fault Protection System

A CUBIC switchboard, designed, projected, built and verified according to IEC / EN 61439 is per definition considered a fault free switchboard.  

The risk of arc faults

Even in the most modern switchgear assemblies, the risk of arc faults cannot be completely ruled out. Arc faults may be caused by incorrect work on switchgear assemblies, contaminants, foreign objects or ingress of animals in the switchgear assembly. Within a few milliseconds, high amounts of energy are released, generating heat, a pressure wave and toxic gases similar to an explosion.

Arc faults may result in catastrophic damages to both switchgear assemblies and humans. Besides, there may be operational loss to critical production processes, which forces downtime.

Minimise damage with DEHNshort

The switchgear assembly will be heavily damaged and must often be completely replaced. As this can sometimes take several weeks, it is unacceptable situation for processes that require a continuous power supply! Such damage can be reliably limited by using the arc fault protection system DEHNshort. DEHNshort quickly and reliably quenches arc faults, ensuring that only a small portion of the destructive energy is released.

With proven arc fault quenching times of less than 2 milliseconds, DEHNshort is one of the quickest protection systems in the market. This provides reliable protection for both people and switchgear assemblies.

Recommissioning of the switchgear after the fault

The switchgear assembly can be recommissioned as soon as the fault has been rectified, the short circuits have been replaced, and the arc fault protection system has been reset.

Tested in the CUBIC Modular system

DEHNshort is successfully tested in the Modular System. The tests include short circuit tests up to 80 kA according to IEC/EN 61439.

The Modular System was IP54 during the tests and DEHNshort’s rapid disconnection means that the degree of protection is not impaired by the arc fault. 

Best possible personal safety

With CUBIC’s protection system DEHNshort the risk of fire and power failure is reduced. This means that the best possible personal protection is achieved.

Surge arresters

A surge arrester is an electrical component that protects switching equipment from over-voltage transients. The components are from Dehn and come in several versions: DEHNventil, DEHNshield & DEHNguard.

The variants include both surge arresters and combined lightning/surge arresters. They are available with and without signal contact.

Earthing and short-circuiting devices

CUBIC offers a series of safety products to make it easier to work according to the five safety rules. Earthing and short-circuiting devices ensure that fault currents can be detected by a fault circuit breaker that shuts off power immediately. Faults, which can appear if a person suffers an electric shock, or if a short circuiting to earth happens. The safety products fit perfectly in the CUBIC Modular System and are designed according to IEC/EN 61230.


The earthing and short-circuiting devices consist of the following:  


  • Short-circuiting busbars in 300mm and 650mm with wire
  • Clamping point for busbar
  • Brackets for clamping point
  • Earthing stick T-Pin
  • SQ screw adapter
  • Fixed ball point either straight with female thread or angled to be mounted directly on the PE busbar.

Clamping points can easily be mounted directly on the S2000 busbar system by using brackets for single or double S2000 system. To ensure that the board is de-energized for service and maintenance, a short-circuiting busbar with wire can be mounted on the clamping point. The short-circuiting busbar incl. wire can easily be mounted by using earthing stick and adaptor.