Common Bus Power Supplies

Bulletin 20S SCR Bridge is a non-regenerative DC bus supply that supplies power to AC drives that have a common DC bus input. The supply converts incoming three-phase AC line voltage to a common DC bus voltage. You can configure this supply for stand-alone and master-slave applications.

20S PowerFlex SCR Bridge |  Overview


  • Six-pulse, full-wave, three-phase SCR bridge rectifier unit
  • Stand-alone and master-slave configurations (1000 A units only)
  • Built-in AC line and DC bus fuses (400 A and 600 A units)
  • Rectifier branch fuses, snubber circuit, and DC bus feedback fuses (1000 A units)
  • Over-temperature sensor located in the heat sink
  • RC snubber circuit for dampening and linearity of over-voltages

Typical applications for the PowerFlex 20S Common Bus Power Supplies include:

  • Paper-making machines, finishing winders, calendars, rereelers
  • Metal-rolling mills, slitters
  • Winders, coaters, calendars
  • Cranes

Product Selection

Catalog Number Description
20SD1K0NEMPowerFlex SCR Bus Supply, 400/480V, 1000 A, MASTER 
20SD1K0NENPowerFlex SCR Bus Supply, 400/480V, 1000 A, STAND ALONE 
20SD1K0NESPowerFlex SCR Bus Supply, 400/480V, 1000 A, SLAVE 
20SD400NENPowerFlex SCR Bus Supply, 400/480V, 400A, STAND ALONE 
20SD600NENPowerFlex SCR Bus Supply, 400/480V, 600 A, STAND ALONE 
20SF1K0NEMPowerFlex SCR Bus Supply, 600/690V, 1000 A, MASTER 
20SF1K0NENPowerFlex SCR Bus Supply, 600/690V, 1000 A, STAND ALONE 
20SF1K0NESPowerFlex SCR Bus Supply, 600/690V, 1000 A, SLAVE

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