Brazed plate heat exchangers

Brazed plate heat exchangers

An innovative product portfolio for complete coverage of heating and cooling applications

Our brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHE) offer a compact and flexible solution designed for ultra-efficient performance for your high-pressure or extreme-temperature applications.

What does that mean for you?

Low operational costs and very high performance make the gasket-free brazed plate heat exchangers optimal choices, even if your system has large temperature swings, or varying or constant pressure.

We customize our brazed heat exchangers according to your specifications. We offer a choice of copper, CoResist , or stainless steel brazing materials. Our Fishbone and Micro Plate™ plate technologies are available with different corrugations appropriate for any given task. The adaptable design of our brazed heat exchangers makes a variety of connection options possible (including the number of connections, sizes, types, and positions). The optimal amount of plates in a plate pack is determined based on the specifications of the application.

30 years of constant development

The performance and efficiency of the brazed plate heat exchanger have been proven through 30 years of constant development to ensure high thermal efficiency leading to energy savings in air conditioning systems. With its ingenious construction of corrugated plates, the brazed plate heat exchangers offers you one of the most efficient ways to transfer heat from one medium to another.

Micro Plate™ technology – ideal for district energy solutions and for use in heat pumps and chillers

Our heat exchangers with the state-of-the art Micro Plate™ technology feature next-generation efficiency and performance – giving you more from your district heating and cooling applications.

Features and benefits

Fishbone technology

Our brazed heat exchangers based on fishbone technology is a legacy product, and is perfectly suited for applications with high temperatures or pressures. It is also capable of running with fairly visous fluids, due to a larger gap between the plates. Fishbone plates typically has lower pressure drop compared to the MicroPlate™ technology.

Liquid to liquid brazed heat exchangers

Technical specification

  • Connections from ¾” threaded BSP/NPT to flange DN150 (6”)
  • Brazing materials: Copper, CoResist, or stainless steel
  • Plate materials: AISI 316*
  • Plate heights from 0.202 m to 1 m (0.66 – 3.3 ft)
  • Flow rates up to 150 m3/h (661 gpm)
  • Working pressure up to 40 bar (580 psi)
  • Working temperature from -196 °C to 225 °C (-321 °F to 437 °F)


  • HVAC industry
  • Dairy/food/beverage industry
  • Solar heating
  • Oil units
  • Heat recovery
  • Engine cooling
  • Absorption systems
  • Domestic hot water installations
  • Hydraulic oil cooling
  • Laser cooling
  • Water cooling and heating
  • MTDC (Data Centers)
  • Roof tops / DOAS / air dryers
  • Snow melt

Refrigerant to liquid brazed heat exchangers

Technical specification

  • Brazing materials: Copper
  • Plate materials: AISI 316
  • Working pressure up to 45 bar (635 psi) refrigerant side / 30 bar (435 psi)
    brine side
  • Working temperature from -196 °C to 200 °C (-321 °F to 390 °F)


  • Chillers
  • Heat Pumps
  • Refrigeration / air-conditioning
  • Transportation (refrigerated containers)
  • Water cooling and heating
  • Heat recovery
  • Desuperheating
  • Process cooling
  • Evaporator and condenser applications