ASEM 6300MA On-Machine Industrial Monitors

Our ASEM™ 6300MA On-Machine™ industrial monitors are designed to make operations more flexible and reliable. These industrial monitors offer adaptable mounting options, allowing machine designers to place the monitor in the ideal location. These monitors can be further customized with optional accessories including handles, keyboard trays and pilot devices. Additionally, ASEM 6300 monitors incorporate a fanless design and wide temperature specs, creating an overall more dependable industrial system.

Our ASEM 6300MA On-Machine industrial monitors offer over 60 factory-configured combinations including an optional button area with hard-wired 22 mm pilot devices with wiring brought to two terminal blocks. These monitors also contain a USB port on the back of the unit, which is sealed with a threaded cap. The threaded cap makes it easy to connect peripherals temporarily, adding the ability to replace the cap later to preserve the IP65 rating.

ASEM 6300MA On-Machine Industrial Monitors |  Overview


  • Available in landscape and portrait versions:
    • Landscape with 15.6”, 18.5”, 21.5” and 24” TFT LCDs in wide aspect ratio
    • Portrait with 21.5” and 24” TFT LCDs in wide aspect ratio
  • Features Full HD resolution
  • Offers various exterior features:
    • VESA 75/100 or top/bottom arm mounting
    • Powder coated die-cast aluminum chassis with anti-scratch treatment
    • Full IP65 protection grade  
  • Available bezel options include:
    • Aluminum frame with single-touch resistive touch screen (landscape version only)
    • Aluminum and glass True Flat frame with multitouch projected capacitive touch screen
  • Features optional factory-configured button area with 22 mm pilot devices

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