ArmorBlock I/O Modules

Our Bulletin 1732D and 1732E ArmorBlock® I/O modules provide low-cost, hardened, I/O suitable for on-machine use. You can mount these modules on a machine close to the sensors and actuators to provide shorter cable runs for automotive, material handling, and high-speed packaging applications. These modules are available for DeviceNet® and EtherNet/IP™ networks and are suitable for use in welding applications and end-of-arm robot applications.

1732 ArmorBlock I/O |  Overview


  • Available with water- and corrosion-proof plastic and nickel-plated aluminum sealed housing
  • Offers rating for IP69K and NEMA 4X (when marked) for use without an enclosure
  • Includes LEDs for module and/or channel level alarms and diagnostics which can reduce machine downtime
  • Provides efficient installation and replacement without having to rewire which can reduce wiring errors
  • Includes Add-on Profiles in the Studio 5000 Logix Designer® application

1732D ArmorBlock DeviceNet I/O Blocks

  • Offers 8 or 16 points per block
  • Offers 1732DS ArmorBlock® Guard I/O™ modules for safety applications
  • Includes network-powered I/O circuits on some blocks

1732E ArmorBlock EtherNet/IP I/O Blocks

  • Includes slim and standard form factors
  • Offers 4, 8, or 16 points per block
  • Offers 1732ES ArmorBlock Guard I/O modules for safety applications
  • Supports DLR topology and power daisy chain on selected modules
  • Includes high-speed time-stamping inputs and scheduled output modules for demanding and high-speed applications
  • Offers high accuracy and fast conversion rate analog modules
  • Includes QuickConnect block with less than 250 ms power-up time for tool changer application
  • Supports connection to IO-Link enabled devices with the IO-Link master module

1732D/E Armor WeldBlock I/O Blocks

  • Resists the effects of weld slag and magnetic fields found in close proximity to weld heads
  • Offers 16 points per block
  • Includes QuickConnect block with less than 250 ms power-up time for tool changer application

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