ArmorBlock Guard I/O Modules

Our Bulletin 1732 ArmorBlock® Guard I/O™ modules provide all the advantages of traditional distributed I/O for safety systems. These modules are available in an IP67-rated packaged for EtherNet/IP™ and are ready to mount directly on your machine.

1732ES ArmorBlock Guard Safety I/O |  Overview


  • Used only with GuardLogix®, Compact GuardLogix, and Armor™ GuardLogix, configurable with a module-specific profile in Studio 5000 Logix Designer® software
  • Provides PLd-rated, single-channel safety inputs and PLe-rated, dual-channel, safety inputs; safety outputs rated up to PLe
  • Available in bipolar and sourcing safety output configurations
  • Includes dual Ethernet ports for Linear and Device Level Ring topologies
  • Provides rotary switches to set the IP address
  • Mounts on the machine with an IP65-rated package for dust and wash-down protection
  • Provides standardized M12 connectors to wire your field devices

Product Selection

Catalog Number Description
1732ES-IB16EtherNet/IP Safety ArmorBlock Input Module 16 Inputs, IP67 Rating 
1732ES-IB8XOB8EtherNet/IP Safety ArmorBlock Input Module 8 Inputs, 8 Solid State Sourcing Outputs, IP67 Rating 
1732ES-IB8XOBV4EtherNet/IP Safety ArmorBlock Input Module 8 Inputs, 4 Solid State Bi-Polar Outputs, IP67 Rating 
1732DS-IB8DeviceNet Safety ArmorBlock Input Module, 8 Inputs, 8 Test Outputs 
1732ES-IB12XOB4EtherNet/IP Safety ArmorBlock Input Module, 12 Inputs, 4 Solid State Sourcing Outputs 
1732ES-IB12XOBV2EtherNet/IP Safety ArmorBlock Input Module, 12 Inputs, 2 Solid State Bi-Polar Outputs

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