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1718 Ex I/O Modules

1718 Ex I/O Modules

Our Bulletin 1718 Ex I/O modules are an intrinsically safe distributed I/O platform designed for Zone 1 hazardous areas, when placed in certified enclosures. This platform integrates field devices via EtherNet/IP™ in a compact, chassis-based I/O design.The form factor provides maximum efficiency and reduces the need for additional hardware and wiring.

1718 Ex I/O |  Overview


  • Provides intrinsically safe I/O to satisfy application requirements for Zone 1 mounting (in certified enclosures)
  • Integrates with the Integrated Architecture® system for easy configuration
  • Connects on EtherNet/IP in Zone 0 and Zone 1
  • Supports Studio 5000 Logix Designer® v24 and above with Add-on Profile
  • Offers compact, chassis-based I/O design where power supply is contained in the chassis
  • Includes DLR adapter and optional power supply redundancy
  • Offers HART 7 support that is standard on all analog modules

Product Selection

Catalog Number Description
1718-A10Ex I/O 10 Slot Base Chassis 
1718-A20Ex I/O 20 Slot Base Chassis 
1718-AENTREx I/O EtherNet/IP Adapter 
1718-ARMEx I/O Empty Slot Cover 
1718-CBL3Ex I/O Chassis Extension Cable 3m 
1718-CF4HEx I/O 4 Channel HART AnalogConfigurable 
1718-E4UBDE-1Ex I/O M12-M12 EtherNet/IP cable, 1m 
1718-E4UBDE-100Ex I/O M12-M12 EtherNet/IP cable, 100m 
1718-E4UBDE-20Ex I/O M12-M12 EtherNet/IP cable, 20m 
1718-E4UBDE-40Ex I/O M12-M12 EtherNet/IP cable, 40m 
1718-E4UBJM-100Ex I/O M12-RJ45 EtherNet/IP cable, 100m 
1718-E4UBJM-2Ex I/O M12-RJ45 EtherNet/IP cable, 2m 
1718-E4UBJM-20Ex I/O M12-RJ45 EtherNet/IP cable, 20m 
1718-E4UBJM-40Ex I/O M12-RJ45 EtherNet/IP cable, 40m 
1718-IBN8Ex I/O 8 Point Digital Input NAMUR 
1718-IBN8BEx I/O 8 Point Digital Input NAMUR Wide 
1718-IF4HBEx I/O 4 Channel HART Analog Input Wide 
1718-IJEx I/O Frequency/Counter Input 
1718-IR4BEx I/O 4 Channel RTD Input Wide 
1718-IT4BEx I/O 4 Channel Thermocouple Input Wide 
1718-OB2Ex I/O 2 Point Digital Output 23V 
1718-OB2LEx I/O 2 Point Digital Output 16.5V 
1718-PSDCEx I/O DC Power Supply

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