1608 i-Sense Voltage Monitors

Our Bulletin 1608 i-Sense® Voltage Monitors transmit incoming power quality event data to i-Grid® servers via an ethernet or modem connection. The event data is collected, analyzed, and sent to subscribers in the form of event notifications. View event data and reports anytime, anywhere, using a cell phone or a computer with an internet connection.

1608 i-Sense Voltage Monitor |  Overview


  • Provides instant notification via text or email when an event occurs
  • Offers a cost-effective, permanent monitoring solution
  • Identifies the most common source of disruptive dirty power events in utility feeds
  • Provides 26 voltages 100…480V AC
  • Supports modem or ethernet connectivity
  • Offers 50…60 Hz auto-sensing capabilities

Product Selection

Catalog Number Description
1608S-3V480EI-Sense 3-Channel Voltage Sag Detector Ethernet Only 
1608S-3V480KI-Sense 3-Channel Voltage Sag Detector 
1608S-6V480KI-Sense 6-Channel Voltage Sag Detector

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