1400 PowerMonitor Accessory Kit

Our 1400 PowerMonitor™ accessory kit simplifies the installation of your PowerMonitor unit (PowerMonitor 500, PowerMonitor 1000, or PowerMonitor 5000) by providing all recommended installation accessories available in one catalog number. Pair the pre-assembled, RoHS-compliant shorting block solution with your PowerMonitor unit for a cost-effective, energy-efficient monitoring system.

PowerMonitor Accessory Kit |  Overview


  • Compatible with PowerMonitor 500, PowerMonitor 1000, PowerMonitor 5000, and 1411 current transformers
  • Kit includes four fuses, fuse holders and a RoHS-compliant pre-assembled shorting block which features:
    • Connections for up to four current transformers
    • Identifiers with pre-printed terminal block markers
    • Two pole jumpers for shorting the current transformers and storage location when jumpers are not in use

Product Selection

Catalog Number Description
1400-PM-ACCPowerMonitor Protective Connection Kit 
40863-600-511404 M5 TO M6 UPGRADE KIT 
1426-DMPowerMonitor Touch Display 
1426-COMM-DNTField installed DeviceNet Communications module 
1426-COMM-CNTField installed DeviceNet Communications module

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